Reindeer Hide

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Product Features
  • 100% Genuine Ethically Sourced Sustainable Animal Hide By Product
  • Hair On Hide One Side With Non-Slip Leather Hide Back
  • Eco-Friendly Processing And Tanning Free From Harmful Chemicals.

As a home decor accent, these beige tone hides will blend seamlessly into any interior setting, whilst also making quite an impact in terms of their uniqueness and natural beauty.

The fibres of a reindeer hide are delicate. Therefore, we recommend when incorporating one into your interior styling that it is used as either a furniture  throw or decorative floor rug in areas with no foot traffic.

Our natural reindeer hides are ethically sourced by-products from Scandinavia of the highest quality. We love how this decor accents turns a discarded by product into both a sustainable and luxurious home furnishing that can be enjoy for many years to come. We also ensure that it is tanned and processed under strict environmentally friendly processes set down by the European Union that ensures no harsh chemicals are applied. It is therefore safe for people, pets and the environment.

Approximate size 130cm x 105cm.