Reed diffuser - Japanese Honeysucke - 200ml

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THE LA’BANG REED DIFFUSER PROVIDES AN AROMATIC, LONG LASTING FRAGRANCE TO ANY ROOM. Give your home a touch of class with our stunning White and Silver diffuser with natural bamboo Reeds. Our Diffusers will not only look amazing, they will make your home smell amazing too.  DIRECTIONS: Carefully unscrew the lid on your diffuser, remove plastic cap and screw lid back on. Place reeds into the diffuser and carefully turn reeds weekly or as required.   WARNING: Do not ingest oils. Use caution when flipping your reeds. Do not allow liquid to come into contact with electrical goods, textiles or finished surfaces as oils can damage some surfaces. If oil is spilt, wipe up ASAP. Do not light reeds and keep away from heat. Be careful not to tip over the diffuser. Keep out of reach from children and pets. If you get liquid in your eyes, wash immediately.