Mongolian Sheepskin Cushion - Grey White

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Hides of Excellence decorative grey and white tipped Mongolian sheepskin 50cm square cushion will be an inviting welcome addition to any space.

With its luxurious silky flowing crimp-like fleece, this pillow will bring both warmth and comfort to either the lounge or bedroom.

The texture of genuine Mongolian sheepskin is soft and delicate which makes it the perfect compliment to a decorative accent. The wool fleece covers one side only of this cushion, with the reverse backing a matching tone soft cotton with zip closure.

We use 100% ethically sourced natural by product, which is them processed under strict environmentally friendly conditions that are free from harmful. Rest assure this cushion is not only beautiful and sustainable, but it is perfectly safe for people and pets alike.chemicals.

As this is a dyed fleece item, we recommend keeping it out of direct sunlight. U-V rays may discolour the fleece over time.

Care for this wool cushion with a damp water sponge. Dry in the shade.

This cushion comes fitted with the insert for immediate use.