Boats & Hoes Mens Socks

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Sometimes you've just gotta have your Boats and Hoes!  On those days where you just can't wait, we've got the perfect socksfor you.  Straight our of the hit movie Step Brothers, the Prestige Boats & Hoes socks are ready to wear, and perfect for attracting the attention of those lovely ladies you desire! Come for the Laughs! Express yourself with our funny socks for men, women, and kids. We are experts in gift ideas and have hunted the world over for the finest jokes and brought them back to our factory right here in the U.S. to be mounted on these funky novelty socks. We use only the finest thread and materials to give you a vibrant, full color embroidered sock - No Cheap Socks Here only the best! Superior Comfort With a Great Fit! Made with a 70% cotton and 30% Spandex blend that provides the ideal lightweight feel with the perfect amount of fitted support so your silly socks won’t slip down around your ankles and make you cry.